Nyandarua County, Kenya Commits to Open Contracting

October 19, 2020 Open Contracting and Procurement Analytics
Taryn Davis
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In August, President Uhuru Kenyatta called on the Kenya Ministry of Health to make their procurement process public and available online. Soon, the  Ministry will have another Kenyan county to look to as an example. DG and the Government of Nyandarua County have signed an MOU to create an Open Contracting Portal similar to the one launched in Makueni County. This portal will track the Government of Nyandarua’s procurement process, make key data publicly available, and use analytics dashboards in order to learn from ongoing data trends.

Nyandarua, Kenya
Meeting with Nyandarua County last year 

In Makueni County, the system is already proving that it can provide better value for money spent, and improved service delivery by making open contracting data more readily available and usable.  Governor Kivutha Kibwana recently shared that the DG implemented public procurement system has saved the Roads Department 30,000,000 KES. Additionally, the local organization URAIA used the data to identify 34 delayed projects, and then shared this information with the county government, which prompted officials to investigate and address some of the problematic projects.

DG first conducted an assessment in Nyandarua County in August 2019. The assessment identified several examples of how publicly available procurement data could streamline processes, increase value for money, increase competitiveness, and improve the quality of project implementation. This perspective was echoed by the government, private sector, CSOs, and the media.

We are excited for this partnership and seeing the various ways the Open Contracting Portal will prove valuable to Nyandarua County. We will be coordinating with the County to customize the Open Contracting Portal to their needs, and plan to launch the system in the first quarter of 2021.

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