Carmen Cañas
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Carmen Cañas

Senior Data Advisor (Consultant) El Salvador
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Carmen serves as DG’s Senior Data Advisor. Her work has focused on project management and applied research in the international development, data use, procurement, and gender data thematic areas. She designs and develops user-centered IT solutions for governments and development agencies across Africa and Latin America and is the global product owner of DG’s Visualizing Insights on Fertilizer for African Agriculture (VIFAA) dashboards. Carmen also has strong experience in data analysis, open contracting, procurement research at the national and subnational levels, and gender data advisory.

Previously, Carmen was a Gender and Inclusion advisor in the DRC for the International Rescue Committee. She also has experience in civil society engagement and transparency advocacy. Carmen has a Masters in International Law; a Bachelor of Political Science at Sciences Po Paris and is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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AD3ventures in Mapping

Administrative data – data from civil registration and vital statistics systems, and sectoral (health, education, judicial, social protection) management information systems – is rich with insights on citizen needs and priorities. Though timely and disaggregated administrative data can complement official statistics, it comes with its own data quality, availability, and use challenges.

March 16, 2022 Agriculture
AD3 ou une aventure cartographique

Par le biais d'AD3, nous avons développé un tableau de bord qui se concentre sur le climat, les prix du marché, les maladies du bétail, le niveau des fleuves et les précipitations annuelles, entre autres thèmes. Si le tableau de bord lui-même est un référentiel d'informations utile, la méthode d’élaboration des cartes et d’itération des commentaires des utilisateurs a permis d'identifier les bonnes pratiques en matière de visualisation des données.

March 16, 2022  
Creating Integrations between AMP & Existing Country Systems

Since 2017, Development Gateway has been working with the Government of Uganda to build and update their Aid Management Platform (AMP). Uganda’s AMP houses over 1,300 on-budget projects directly from its national data management system. This year, DG built a module that interfaces with Uganda’s Program Budgeting System (PBS) to ensure that data is effectively transmitted between the two systems.

May 29, 2020 Aid Management Program