Case Study

Extractive Industries Data Portals (EIDPs) for West Africa

Since November 2018, we have been working on mapping data needs, availability, and use in the extractives sector in Nigeria, Guinea, and Senegal. In doing so, we are supporting the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in each country.

2018 - 2020 Extractives

Our three goals enable each country to:

  1. efficiently manage data on their extractive industries,
  2. make this information transparent and accessible to the public in a more timely fashion, and
  3. effectively visualize and use these data to improve the management of extractive resources and revenue.

Why these Countries, Why Now?

Nigeria, Guinea, and Senegal are three countries are each signatories to the EITI principles – signifying commitment to extractives data transparency, and expressing interest in improving their data management systems. Further, EITI Senegal and Nigeria have recently developed strategic plans for 2017-2021 that prioritize development of data systems as key actions points.

In each country, we are conducting in-depth assessments of legal, institutional, and organizational contexts as well as technical assessments of existing systems and user needs. Through this, DG is facilitating more efficient collection and more impactful analysis for key stakeholders within government, civil society, private sector, and the public.

Applying a Gender Lens

We are also bringing a gender focus to this work; enabling transparency and use of evidence to understand women and girls’ complex relationship with the extractives industry. We aim to explore the effects of the male-dominated extractives industry (EI) on women and girls in West Africa. Better understanding and documenting good practices on gender and EI can help governments consider women in building new EI policy, programmes, and solutions.

By pursuing a full understanding of country readiness to proactively manage and disclose EI data, we aim to improve transparency and citizens’ ability to pursue accountability in the sector.