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Beverley Hatcher-Mbu

Manager – Programs Team United States
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Beverley Hatcher-Mbu is an international lawyer with experience in project implementation, client management, policy analysis and data protection. Focused on connecting client needs to technical, policy and privacy solutions, Beverley manages DG’s work in Haiti and supports DG’s work in the extractives industry and assessments of country data use landscapes. Additionally, Beverley provides data privacy and governance support to projects and programs across DG.

Previously, Beverley worked for the World Bank Group as a legal consultant where she helped develop a web-based legal analysis tool to assist users in analyzing and comparing African mining laws, and for Save the Children International. Beverley has worked in 8 countries and speaks French. She holds a Juris Doctor from George Washington University and a BA cum laude in Political Science from Wellesley College. She is admitted to the bar in New York.

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