Galina Kalvatcheva
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Galina Kalvatcheva

Consultant United States
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Galina is a front-end and WordPress CMS developer who has strong experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a range of current front-end frameworks. She has substantial knowledge of Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other image editing software. At DG, she provides front-end and CMS web development to various projects and ongoing web support services related to content publishing and formatting, testing, and bug fixing. She has a strong background and training experience in scrum principles and practices, and employs a proactive, iterative approach to working with clients and production teams in order to complete project tasks efficiently.

Galina’s work has facilitated the establishment of strong, long-term relationships and trust with clients by ensuring that project deliverables are thoroughly and competently executed. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from George Mason University.