Former DG Consultant Jonathan van Geuns
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Former DG Consultant Jonathan van Geuns

Consultant Canada
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Jonathan is both a researcher and practitioner; he has gained expertise on all subjects related to data governance models. He has worked on seminal research looking into “alternative” models of data governance for the Mozilla Foundation. At DG, Jonathan is supporting the Farmer-Centric Data Governance Models project.

He is also currently assisting the City of Montreal in the data governance and development of data hubs. The social data hub is focused on setting up a Food Security Data Trust. He oversaw activities of a Gates Foundation AgDev grant with CABI and the Open Data Institute. The program aimed to create enhanced data sharing capacity within AgDev and grantees. Jonathan is trained in public international law, but also in innovation management, and has over a decade of experience working across sectors of humanitarian aid, access to information, participatory design, and open data. He is based in Montreal, Canada.