Mauricio Federico Bertoli
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Mauricio Federico Bertoli

Consultant Argentina
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Mauricio is a full stack developer at DG, and is a front-end developer for a range of flagship data portal projects. He has led software development, in-country assessments, and integrations on a number of AMP implementations; front-end development on and the MONITOR GIS Platform for USAID; developed the Philippines Open Map; and led user interface development for the World Bank-funded Open Aid Geocoder. He currently works as a software developer on the Visualizing Insights on Fertilizer for African Agriculture (VIFAA) program, building country and regional dashboards that visualize fertilizer data and use. Mauricio has also focused on designing and developing UI visualizations.

As a full stack developer, Mauricio also has experience on data modeling, implementing business rules, building MVC components and creating advanced user interfaces using top JavaScript frameworks such as React, D3 and Leaflet. He holds a degree as a systems analyst and is fluent in English and Spanish.