Noreen Mdege
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Noreen Mdege

Tobacco Control Research Coordinator (Consultant) Switzerland
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Noreen leads policy-relevant health research aimed at maximizing health benefits within the constraints faced by low- and middle-income countries. Her current work focuses on tobacco control, but she also works on a wide range of other topics including vaccines; HIV prevention, treatment, and care; hepatitis B and C prevention; sexual and reproductive health; unhealthy alcohol use; obesity; medication adherence, and health service delivery (e.g., task-shifting). Noreen‘s research experience covers Africa (Ghana, South Africa, The Gambia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe), South East Asia (Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan), as well as the UK. She has expertise in a wide range of research methods including quantitative methods (e.g., surveys, clinical and non-clinical trials, and quasi-experimental designs), health economic evaluation and decision modeling methods, systematic reviews, and qualitative methods.

Noreen earned a Ph.D. from the University of York, a Master of Public Health from the University of Leeds, and a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Zimbabwe.