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What We Do: Research

Recommendations & Development Driven by Research & Analysis

DG takes an innovative, agile approach to research and analysis, working with partners to understand data needs and making recommendations to help meet them. Our research provides the context and background needed to lay the groundwork for successful initiatives. We then make actionable recommendations in-line with the findings.

A Customized Approach

Tailored to the specific needs of each partner, our research provides input for developing, testing, and scaling new processes. We identify which investments in data could have the greatest impact, taking into account political and relationship contexts.

Understanding Data Ecosystems

Beyond developing technical requirements for IT tools, we build understanding of country contexts, legal frameworks, existing data systems, and the roles of each future tool user. From this research, our process recommendations and tool development is designed to address data use gaps.

Gaining the Full Picture

From conducting more than 1000 data- and digital-focused interviews, DG developed a decision-centered research methodology that defines gaps between needs and existing data sources and tools. DG’s Custom Assessment Landscaping Methodology (CALM) maps how decisions are made, and the existing and aspirational roles of data in the process.

Focus on Actionable Research

Our research focuses on practical and actionable recommendations that provide insight throughout the process, not just upon conclusion.

Insights that Shape Our Work and Feed Global Policy

Our understanding of effective data use is informed by years of experience conducting technical development – from good practices, to implementations, to subsequent user capacity building. Our experience shapes our background as policy advisors, and provides context and insights that guide global data policy.

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The Results Data Initiative (RDI)
The Results Data Initiative (RDI)

Through RDI, Development Gateway worked to better understand how local-level development actors actually collect, share, and use results data to inform development programs. After speaking with over 450 government officials, donor representatives, and project implementing staff in four countries (Ghana, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Tanzania) we were able to put what we learned into action.

2015 - 2020 Research
Custom Assessment Landscaping Methodology (CALM)
Custom Assessment Landscaping Methodology (CALM)

Achieving data use requires changing how data systems are implemented, which requires changing the traditional approach to designing data interventions. The Custom Assessment and Landscaping Methodology is DG's tested approach for developing tools and processes that increase the utility and impact of data for decision-making.

2015 - Present Research
UNICEF Strategic Planning of Data for Children
UNICEF Strategic Planning of Data for Children

DG built diagnostics and data action plans for nine country and two regional UNICEF offices. These plans aimed to identify where UNICEF is best-placed to support data for country priorities. DG spoke with nearly 350 stakeholders to better understand the national data ecosystem, its actors, drivers, what creates bottlenecks, and what improves decisions and outcomes.

2018 - Present Advise

What We Do: Build

We build digital tools with users to meet their specific needs. We focus on supporting governments and institutions to increase transparency and accountability.

What We Do: Advise

Our understanding of effective data use is informed by years of implementations, which shapes our background as policy advisors, and provides context and insights that guide global data policy.