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What Can West Africans Do With Their Procurement Data?

When it comes to understanding government procurement, we need data. And to understand how efficient procurement processes are, we must assess the quality of procurement data...

July 17, 2017 Open Contracting and Procurement Analytics
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Open Contracting Analytics: Introducing the M&E and Corruption Risk Dashboards

National and local government officials are in a bind: they spend significant proportions of their budgets on procuring goods, works, and services, but know very little about how effectively they are spending these monies. Citizens and businesses, too, have an interest in knowing that government is purchasing wisely, and that participating in public markets is a worthwhile endeavor.

June 7, 2017
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Challenges to Doing Procurement Right in West Africa

“Public procurement” sounds bureaucratic and boring, but the stakes of doing it well are high. In West Africa, where we have recently completed a series of scoping studies with the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP), government procurement accounts for nearly 15% of GDP. Beneficiaries of the goods, services, and works procured through public contracts — citizens

May 18, 2017
Open Contracting in West Africa: DG Introduces Assessment Reports

Over the past several months, Development Gateway and the Open Contracting Partnership have been studying open contracting readiness across West Africa. Today, we are pleased to announce the publication of a series of open contracting scoping studies. Working with the support of the support of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK), we have produced: Country

April 3, 2017
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Detecting Corruption Risk through Open Contracting

At this month’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit in Paris, many government and civil society participants will be talking about open contracting. Dozens of countries -- from Nigeria and Paraguay, to France, our hosts -- are committing to implement the principles of open contracting...

December 1, 2016
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DG Introduces Open Contracting West Africa Assessments

How can West Africa benefit from more inclusive and sustainable growth? To help answer this question, Development Gateway and the Open Contracting Partnership are launching a series of public procurement assessments in five West African countries: Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Senegal....

October 12, 2016
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Putting OCDS to Work at IODC16 Madrid

At last year’s IODC in Ottawa, the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) was still fairly knew and a lot of us were talking about the possibilities of actually implementing it. What a difference a year makes, as the Open Contracting pre-event for IODC includes approximately 15 national and local governments working toward open contracting programs....

October 5, 2016
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Under the Hood: An Open Source Dashboard for Procurement in Vietnam

The development community spends over $2 billion each year collecting data on...

June 16, 2016
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Global Standards, Local Data: OCDS in Vietnam

As countries line up commitments to publish data in the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS), an exciting and challenging...

June 2, 2016
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What’s in it for us? A Government Perspective on Getting Value from Open Contracting

As unlikely as it seems for public procurement to generate excitement worldwide, the past several years have seen the rise of...

May 18, 2016
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