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Adding Value to Government Procurement

As unlikely as it seems for public procurement to generate excitement worldwide, the past several years have seen the rise of...

May 12, 2016
Innovation, Procurement
Collaborating Toward Open Contracting

Last week, Tom Steinberg caused a buzz in the open data community with his strong commentary on...

May 2, 2016
Open Data, Procurement
Open Contracting in Vietnam

Development Gateway is proud to announce a new program with the Government of Vietnam, supported by the World Bank Open Contracting team to help increase the transparency...

November 12, 2015
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Arrays, Objects, and Trees: A Look at JSON-formatted Contracting Data

The Open Impact Day conference hosted in Washington, D.C. this past month highlighted examples of open data in improving trust between citizens and their governments...

July 28, 2015
Open Data, Procurement, Tech Stack
Approaching Granularity: Connecting Open Aid and Open Contracting in Timor-Leste

As we move toward the Data Revolution, the role of data granularity and “joined-up” data is key to informing decision-making in development program allocations.

June 23, 2015
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Open Data, Procurement
Open Contracting for Open Development: Insights and Applications

“If your mother gives you $10 to go to the store to buy a bottle of milk, you have to show her, 'Here is the milk and here is the change.' Likewise, we are obliged to show taxpayers exactly what we are doing with their money.”- María Margarita “La Paca” Zuleta, Director of Colombia Compra Eficiente

January 6, 2015
Open Contracting in Nepal: Could it be a game changer?

This is a modified version of a post originally published on Open Nepal’s blog, authored by Anjesh Tuladhar.No one would disagree with the fact that proactive disclosure of public contracts by public agencies improves service delivery, curbs corruption, and helps monitoring. Laura Bacon says open contracting could be a game changer.

September 19, 2014
Open Data, Procurement
Test Driving the Open Contracting Data Standard

Development Gateway’s dgMarket was one of the first global e-procurement platforms. Since 2003, dgMarket has aggregated tender notices, contract awards and bidding documents from national governments and development agencies. dgMarket now lists over a million opportunities every year from 170 countries, representing around $1 trillion in government procurement.

September 11, 2014
Open Data, Procurement
Open Contracting: Creating Transparency Through Contract Data

In all countries, whether rich or poor, contracts are at the nexus of revenue generation, budget planning, resource management and the delivery of public goods. Open contracting refers to norms and practices for increased disclosure and participation in public contracting at all stages of the contracting process.

February 4, 2014
Open Data, Procurement
dgMarket Now Tracking Almost $1 Trillion in Government Procurements for 500,000 Users

This month, dgMarket reached a new milestone – we now have over half a million users who can track almost $1 trillion in government procurements annually!rnrndgMarket is an online marketplace for government tenders, providing access to tender notices, bidding documents, and other procurement information. It also provides open information on some 1.6 million contract awards, in support of the Open Contracting movement.

December 19, 2012
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