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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Using IATI Results Data

It didn’t surprise me when I learned that — when Ministry of Finance officials conduct trainings on the Aid Management Platform for Village Chiefs, CSOs and citizens throughout the districts of Malawi — officials are almost immediately asked: “What were the results of these projects? What were the outcomes?” It didn’t just matter what development

September 19, 2017 Data Management Systems and MEL
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Better Data, Better Results: UNICEF Strategies for Success

The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda offers the promise of new technologies, big data sources, and increased government statistical capacity for data-driven policy and progress. However, we cannot assume that more data will result in a better world. Moreover, a data revolution comes with risks: Will SDG reporting consume already-limited government statistical capacity? Will “focus on

September 12, 2017 Data Management Systems and MEL
Data Use, Results Data
Aligning Technical Solutions with Institutional Constraints: Lessons from Tanzania

In the Results Data Initiative (RDI)’s first cross-ministry co-design workshop, we explored opportunities for greater data-driven decision-making in Tanzania’s health sector. Ultimately, colleagues from the Government of Tanzania — representing the President’s Office of Regional Administration and Local Government, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Planning, and the National Bureau of Statistics — identified

August 21, 2017 Data Management Systems and MEL
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“America First” and Next Steps for Aid

This is a guest post from the co-founders of Cooper/Smith, a DC-based startup that uses data to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of development programs. At the end of a long, dusty dirt road bordered by fields of maize sit several huts owned by Luzi Orphan Care. This community organization in rural Malawi receives around

June 23, 2017 Data Management Systems and MEL
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Results Data
Define and Co-Design: Promoting Health Data Use in Tanzania

Earlier this month, the Results Data Initiative (RDI) program reached an important milestone by convening our first cross-ministry co-design workshop with 24 officials across the Government of Tanzania. Our goal? Put data to use for decision-making in health. At this meeting, we put our problem-driven, iterative, and adaptive (PDIA) approach into motion — facilitating discussions around

June 22, 2017 Data Management Systems and MEL
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Using PDIA to Put Data Into Action

We recently wrote about how the data for development community needs to take a more context aware, demand-driven approach to data. Applying theories of change...

March 27, 2017
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Localizing the Data Revolution

As a development community, we invest a great deal in data-related activities – particularly for monitoring and results reporting. But are the ways in which we gather, share, and use this information as efficient and impactful as they must be, to achieve the 2030 Agenda?...

January 13, 2017
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Three Reasons Why 2017 will be a Big Year for Evidence-Based Development

Last week, the Governance Data Alliance launched a new report (led by our friends at AidData) on the use of governance data, drawing on 500+ survey respondents from development policy actors in 126 countries (in government, development agencies, and civil society)...

December 20, 2016
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Results Data
From Resources to Results: Announcing New Directions for the Results Data Initiative

A key component of the Results Data Initiative (RDI) was the development of the Results Data Scorecard...

December 13, 2016
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The Devel(opment) is in the Details: A Detailed Look into our Metrics

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we explored how the robust, timely, and valid collection of output data enhances transparency and collaboration, leads to better outcomes, and can even support claims of causality. In this last part of the series, we invite the reader to take a deeper dive with us into our scorecard methodology....

November 10, 2016
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