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World Bank and AidData put aid information on the map


April 20, 2011
Open Data, Results Data
Aid information management in Mozambique: A success story’

Development Gateway has worked with Mozambique since 2008 to update and expand its aid information management system, known as ODAmoz. ODAmoz was created in 2005 as a way to coordinate and harmonize donor activities in Mozambique. The system allows each of Mozambique’s donor focal points to enter data directly into the ODAmoz system, significantly reducing transaction costs for the government in terms of collecting aid information from donors. Once a project is entered into ODAmoz, the information is published on the ODAmoz site, so that…

April 19, 2011
Aid Effectiveness & Management
Congratulations to the Apps for Development Winners!

'On April 14, the World Bank announced winners of the Apps for Development Contest, which challenged software developers around the world to leverage World Bank open data in creating innovative applications that address development issues. The contest drew 107 entries from 36 countries across 6 continents – more than a third of these entries were designed by African developers. The three winners of the contest are as follows:'

April 14, 2011
Development Gateway and Esri partner to make international aid more transparent

PRESS RELEASE Washington, DC – Development Gateway, an international non-profit that makes information on development aid more transparent and accessible, signed a memorandum of understanding with Esri, a leading provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The two organizations plan to continue joint efforts to leverage geospatial technology to support international development objectives. "There is a huge amount of information on international aid available to the public online. But if you really want to understand what donors are doing, seeing the locations of aid activities on a…

April 14, 2011
AidData, CCAPS, and Government of Malawi to geocode aid information at the country level

AidData and the Climate Change and African Political Stability Program (CCAPS) at the University of Texas are working with Malawi's Ministry of Finance to geocode aid activity information. Geocoding, through which information is pinpointed to a precise geographic locality, provides a visual aid for development planning and coordination, allowing governments and their donor partners to better assess current aid distribution and plan future projects.

April 12, 2011 Aid Management Program
Aid Effectiveness & Management
AidData to make trillions of dollars in development assistance compatible with IATI standard

By early May, users of the AidData database will be able to run queries on aid activities by donor, sector, and country, as before—but with a new twist. The results will be exportable in the new international aid reporting standard recently finalized by the International Aid Transparency Initiative, which aims to make aid information more open and accessible.

April 5, 2011
Aid Effectiveness & Management
Government of Southern Sudan teams up with Development Gateway to improve aid information management

The Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) recently chose to implement Development Gateway’s Aid Management Program, with financing from UNDP. Through a combination of technical support and institutional strengthening activities, the Aid Management Program helps governments build capacity for managing information on development finance.

March 31, 2011
Aid Effectiveness & Management
Report from 2010 AMP Best Practices Workshop

In December 2010, Development Gateway hosted the third annual AMP Best Practices Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop brings together delegates from governments that have implemented or are interested in implementing the Aid Management Program to discuss their experiences and lessons learned in managing the program.

March 17, 2011
Aid Effectiveness & Management
Public Voting Ends in World Bank Apps for Development Competition

Between January 31st and February 28th, thousands around the world voted on their favorite submissions to the World Bank Apps for Development Competition. The contest challenged software developers to create IT platforms that use World Bank data to address pressing development questions, particularly those related to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). AidData, with support from Esri, built the “Development Loop” for submission to the contest. It uses sub-national data from the World Bank and African Development Bank, overlaid with local development indicators and project success…

March 1, 2011
AMP Knowledge Sharing Workshop, Nairobi 2010

Bindu Venugopal, a Senior Technical Associate with Development Gateway who manages product development of the Aid Management Platform, shares her experience at the recent Knowledge Sharing Workshop: In early December, I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend Development Gateway’s annual Knowledge Sharing Workshop for countries implementing the Aid Management Platform (AMP). The workshop is an opportunity for AMP countries to get together once a year to learn from each other and share best practices. This year 14 countries sent delegations to the event. The workshop,…

February 19, 2011
Aid Effectiveness & Management