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Harnessing Technology at DFID: Takeaways from the New Digital Strategy

When it comes to technology and innovation, we often joke that the development sector lags at least 5 years behind the private sector. Worse still, in an effort to catch up, development agencies risk falling prey to fads, buzzwords, and endless jargon. The result is a staggering number of abandoned technology pilots, a paucity of

February 8, 2018 Global Data Policy
Development Gateway 2017 Annual Report

We are pleased to announce the digital publication of Development Gateway’s 2017 Annual Report, focused on our role as an action-based implementer and mobilizer of tools, practices, and innovation in an environment marked by collective enthusiasm for the Data Revolution. Our strategy remains responsive to the needs of the data revolution and the SDG agenda,

January 24, 2018 Global Data Policy
AMP Offline 1.0 Press Release: Syncing Data for Success

Development Gateway is pleased to announce the release of AMP Offline 1.0 – an offline client application for our flagship Aid Management Platform, available for all clients with AMP 3.0. AMP has a strong record of independent country ownership, and the Offline tool will further enable progress towards full AMP usability and sustainability. In continuing

January 23, 2018 Aid Management Program
Aid Effectiveness & Management, News/Events
Sustainable Development, Through Children’s Eyes

One may think the words “sustainable development” might be abstract and bewildering to children – until meeting the students of the Sustainable Development Club of Le Collège Bilingue in Dakar, Senegal. Week after week, middle and high school students flock to this after-school club that aims to teach them about the benefits of a clean

December 21, 2017 Global Data Policy
Focus, Progress, Transition: dgMarket a New Company

In the past months, we have shared updates on various exciting new opportunities in the procurement and open contracting (OC) space. To name a few, we’ve shared news of a Hewlett Foundation grant to implement OC data use projects in Senegal and Uganda, an OC joint research agenda, and developing new tools to validate data.

December 1, 2017
Social Good Summit 2017: Technology, Innovation, and a Call to Action

On September 17th, the UN Foundation’s Social Good Summit took place at the 92nd Street Y in NYC as a kickoff to the 72nd Meeting of the UN General Assembly. Entrepreneurs, experts, activists, and SDG Global Goalkeepers gathered in a call to action about how we will integrate technology and innovation into our vision for

October 24, 2017 Global Data Policy
Press Release: Open Contracting in East & West Africa

Open contracting aims to enable governments and citizens to more effectively use procurement data in decision making and monitoring of procurement results. While many governments have made commitments to open contracting (OC), their efforts, in a number of instances, have tended to focus on OC compliance. For governments and citizens to realize the potential benefits

October 23, 2017 Open Contracting and Procurement Analytics
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Press Release: Endorsing the Principles for Digital Development

We are pleased to announce our endorsement of the Principles for Digital Development. The Principles, of which Digital Impact Alliance is the steward, seek to institutionalize lessons learned in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) in development projects. They allow practitioners to to integrate best practices into their programs, as well as coordinate

October 12, 2017 Global Data Policy
Musings from Buntwani 2017

When data — particularly government data —  is made relevant and available, we as “infomediaries” have an opportunity to create public value. As a community of data users, we are becoming more savvy at turning datasets into information, and information into advocacy for better public resource allocation, transparency and accountability, and good governance.   At

October 10, 2017 Global Data Policy
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What Can West Africans Do With Their Procurement Data?

When it comes to understanding government procurement, we need data. And to understand how efficient procurement processes are, we must assess the quality of procurement data...

July 17, 2017 Open Contracting and Procurement Analytics
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