Panel & Event Diversity Policy

At Development Gateway: An IREX Venture (DG), we recognize that many groups are underrepresented in technology, data, and development—including women, people of color, socially disadvantaged populations, and colleagues from low-income and middle-income countries. We are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in all areas of our work.

DG is committed to not participating in all-male panels (“manels”). Members of our team will not serve on a panel of two or more people unless there is at least one woman/non-binary person on the panel, not including the chairperson (note: this standard applies to the final composition of the panel, including DG’s proposed participant). For events that we organize, co-organize, or plan, we aim for at least 50% women and/or non-binary speakers.

Similarly, DG team members will not participate in racially/ethnically homogenous panels and will aim for racial/ethnic diversity of at least 50% of speakers for events we organize, co-organize, or plan.

In addition to gender and race/ethnicity, we recognize that many groups are underrepresented in conferences and events. For both events in which we participate and events that we organize, DG will actively advocate for and facilitate representative inclusion of speakers with relevant lived experience (e.g., from diverse socioeconomic, cultural, or geographic backgrounds).  

We all benefit when organizers are thoughtful in designing inclusive events, and claiming it is “difficult” is not an acceptable excuse. Diverse representation provides a more nuanced discussion on approaches to tackling data and technology issues. If there are concerns on the perceptions of diversity based on the appearance of a panel, it is a sign that it is not diverse enough. Participation in speaking engagements that do not meet these criteria must have written approval from the CEO.