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Did We Make the “Publish Once” Dream a Reality?

One of the central hopes of the IATI initiative was to “make the publish once dream a reality.” We’ve recently concluded work with UNICEF and Development Initiatives, seeking to help UNICEF achieve this dream, and publish their IATI data to country level systems. So did we do it? Did we make the dream a reality?

June 18, 2018
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AMPing Up Nutrition: Tools Converge to Better Track Nutrition Financing Data

To effectively address nutrition funding shortfalls and develop country-specific investment goals, countries and partners must be able to monitor how much funding is available for nutrition activities. This is a critical step in the nutrition financial tracking cycle (Figure 1), which also includes costing and expenditure tracking. To address this growing need, USAID’s multi-sectoral nutrition

June 5, 2018
Aid Effectiveness & Management
On the Origin of Sources: Free Software and the Food Chain

Though many species use primitive “tools” to complete basic tasks, very few creatures aside from humans craft tools with future use in mind. Unlike many software development organizations, DG prioritizes free and open-source software (FOSS). Today, we present an overview of how we built a new FOSS script that has benefited internal IT management behind the new tools.

April 5, 2018
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Promoting Data Use within Changing Environments in Haiti

Eight years after the devastating earthquake, Haiti is in a unique position as it transitions from being the recipient of post-disaster humanitarian aid to pursuing stable, sustainable development. With this in mind, how can we make geocoded data easier to collect, analyze, and use as part of decision-making processes in the country?

April 3, 2018 Aid Management Program
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Chad’s Study Visit to Côte d’Ivoire: A Tale of Cross-Country Knowledge Sharing // Tchad fait une visite d’étude en Côte d’Ivoire: une histoire de partage de connaissances entre deux pays

When was the last time you received an email, or sent one yourself, along the lines of, “I’d love to grab coffee to ‘pick your brain’ about where and how you’ve found success!” Was it last month, or maybe even last week? Unstructured knowledge sharing is a common, expected practice for professionals in any field.

March 28, 2018 Aid Management Program
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Conceptualizing Self-Sufficiency for Aid Recipient Countries

Individual countries and large international organizations provide aid to low- and middle-income countries for a host of reasons, including to encourage economic growth, to support regional political stability, to expand market access and humanitarian purposes.

February 23, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
Aid Effectiveness & Management
AMP Offline 1.0 Press Release: Syncing Data for Success

Development Gateway is pleased to announce the release of AMP Offline 1.0 – an offline client application for our flagship Aid Management Platform, available for all clients with AMP 3.0. AMP has a strong record of independent country ownership, and the Offline tool will further enable progress towards full AMP usability and sustainability. In continuing

January 23, 2018 Aid Management Program
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IATI Data for the Future: Success, Progress, and Challenges

Last week, we shared experiences from the process of conducting Data Use Pilots along with our partners, Publish What You Fund. Today, we’re sharing further takeaways from using the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) in conducting the Pilots, with a focus on results and issues we encountered throughout the process. Our last post discussed that IATI

January 19, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Open Data
Making IATI Work for Donors: Lessons from USAID and DFID

There are approximately 42,000 agricultural projects published through the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). These projects contain information on which donors are spending what and where. The Initiative for Open Ag Funding has repeatedly heard that this information can be a powerful tool when planning and coordinating projects. Yet despite such enthusiasm, we found that

January 10, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Open Data
Decision Space and Development Cooperation

This post builds upon a DG contribution to the 2017 OECD Development Cooperation Report, launched on October 17, 2017. All too often, discussions about managing for results in development fail to specify who is managing, what decisions they are authorized to make, or what results data are being used. Identifying the who and whats is

October 18, 2017 Data Management Systems and MEL
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