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Did We Make the “Publish Once” Dream a Reality?

One of the central hopes of the IATI initiative was to “make the publish once dream a reality.” We’ve recently concluded work with UNICEF and Development Initiatives, seeking to help UNICEF achieve this dream, and publish their IATI data to country level systems. So did we do it? Did we make the dream a reality?

June 18, 2018
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Open Data
What does Data Interoperability Require in Practice?

A few months ago, under the mSTAR project funded by USAID, DG and our partner Athena Infonomics (AI) set out to understand the underlying structure of the data currently being collected and managed by Feed the Future implementers, and how to best support them to open up and share their data through digital tools and best practices.

May 30, 2018 Agriculture
Explainer, Open Data
Joining Up Data to Combat HIV/AIDS in Côte d’Ivoire

How can “joined-up” geospatial data support the battle against HIV/AIDS, by promoting evidence-based decision-making? Last month, Development Gateway joined our partners at the AidData Center for Development Policy in launching the Côte d’Ivoire (CIV) open geospatial data center (OpenDCH), supported by USAID-CIV and PEPFAR.  The OpenDCH/GeoCenter aims to address key challenges related to the country’s

March 5, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
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The Geocoding Suite: Let’s Get Technical

Development Gateway’s Geocoding Suite has several components, each working in tandem with aid and management information systems to assign precise geospatial data on the locations of development projects.We have recently announced the addition of a lightweight, user-friendly automatic geocoding backend tool – aptly called the AutoGeocoder. If you read our last blog post, you’re familiar

March 1, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
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Hey Alexa, Where is FAO Working in Uganda?

Okay, so we might not be able to ask our smart home systems questions about where development efforts are taking place just yet. However, we're working to determine whether we could use Machine Learning to help us more quickly answer that very question, “Where is FAO working in Uganda?”

February 27, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
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How Interoperability can Strengthen Agriculture and Nutrition

Food security, or people’s access to “sufficient, safe, and nutritious food,” remains a global challenge. Lack of access to nutritious food is not only more likely to affect those already facing difficulties such as poverty, economic shock and public health crises; when communities do not have adequate access to nutrition, they have a harder time

January 29, 2018 Agriculture
Open Data
Location, Location, Location: A miniTAG on how project location data should be published and visualized through IATI

Subnational location information is repeatedly identified as critical for both donors and implementers to understand and learn from development activities around the world. “Information on who is doing what and where allows development organizations to maximize impact by finding gaps in funding, identifying partners and avoiding duplicative efforts.” However, confusion around how location data should

January 26, 2018 Agriculture
Open Data
IATI Data for the Future: Success, Progress, and Challenges

Last week, we shared experiences from the process of conducting Data Use Pilots along with our partners, Publish What You Fund. Today, we’re sharing further takeaways from using the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) in conducting the Pilots, with a focus on results and issues we encountered throughout the process. Our last post discussed that IATI

January 19, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Open Data
Making IATI Work for Donors: Lessons from USAID and DFID

There are approximately 42,000 agricultural projects published through the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). These projects contain information on which donors are spending what and where. The Initiative for Open Ag Funding has repeatedly heard that this information can be a powerful tool when planning and coordinating projects. Yet despite such enthusiasm, we found that

January 10, 2018 Data Management Systems and MEL
Aid Effectiveness & Management, Open Data
Open Contracting for the Future: Three Frontier Issues

The future of open contracting depends on the ability of governments and citizens to open up the entire public contracting cycle, create feedback channels, and use open contracting data to improve procurement results. But there remain a number of crucial issues that will advance or hinder the open contracting agenda in the years ahead. In

November 27, 2017 Open Contracting and Procurement Analytics
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